Welcome to Oze-Shinkousou

Welcome to Oze-Shinkousou

Oze Katashina Plateau is a place where you can enjoy the
charms of each season: fresh green leaves in spring,
trekking in summer, red leaves in fall and skiing in winter.

We offer hospitality with heartfelt services full of warmth and
kindness to everyone at Oze-Shinkousou. We serve as a base
to take a stroll in Oze to take in the beauty of nature by
taking a walk along the timber path where you can see the
flowers blooming in early summer and the red leaves coloring
the wetlands in fall.
We also serve as a base for sightseeing to enjoy skiing to your
heart’s content in winter against a backdrop of the majestic

Basic Information

Inn Name Oze-Shinkousou
Address 629 Koshimoto, Katashina-mura, Tone-gun, Gunma, 378-0413
TEL / FAX TEL: 0278-58-2329 / FAX: 0278-58-2553
Check-in / Check-out From 3:00 p.m. / Until 10:00 a.m.

Cuisine We serve graceful handmade dishes to match the food of the mountains and special products unique to Oze.

We offer Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine.
We prepare handmade dishes using seasonal
ingredients. We make our dishes with plenty of
carefully selected ingredients. These include
the local special product of maitake mushrooms,
edible wild plants that have received the
blessings of the earth and plateau vegetables
produced in our own farm. These dishes are very
popular with our repeat customers.



Main Dishes

Upgrade Course: Toban-yaki (ceramic plate grill) of Joshu beef Standard Course: Soy milk shabu shabu (lightly boiled meat) with Okutone-mochi pork Reasonable Course: Sukiyaki (meat cooked in a cast-iron pan) with local chicken

Regular Dishes

Regular Dishes

Special Order

Horse-meat sashimi Oze-Shinkousou handmade pizza


We serve delicious breakfasts with dishes that go great with rice, such as grilled fish, eggs, miso soup and more.


・Our dishes change depending on the season.
・Please understand that our dishes may depend on the weather and the ingredients we
 are able to purchase.
・Please contact us in advance if you have a food allergy. We will change the
 ingredients as far as possible.


We welcome everyone with heartfelt hospitality full of warmth and kindness while you are
entranced by the charms of your relaxing trip. Please make sure to enjoy a touch of
tranquility in the quiet atmosphere you will find here.

Rooms: Japanese-style Rooms

We have designed all our
rooms in the Japanese-style.
Please relax at your own
pace to relieve the
tiredness of your trip in
a quiet atmosphere.

Rooms: Japanese-style Rooms

Indoor Bath: Jet Bath

Indoor Bath: Jet Bath

This jet bath will give you
relief from the tiredness of
your trip. Please stretch out
your legs in this large bath
to savor a relaxing and
enjoyable moment.


The restaurant is a venue on the
first floor for both breakfast
and dinner.


Entrance/Community Room

You can enjoy having a relaxed friendly chat in the
entrance/community room. Please use this as a place
to relax.

Entrance/Community Room

Parking Lot

There is space for about 20 standard size cars in the parking lot.

Inn Information

No. of Guest Rooms 13 Japanese-style rooms
Facilities Indoor bath, reception lobby, restaurant, entrance/community room,
reception hall, vending machines, smoking space and parking lot
Amenities Heating in all rooms, television, hand towels, body soap, shampoo,
soap and toothpaste sets
*You can rent yukatas (light cotton kimonos) for a fee.


Access to Oze-Shinkousou

Address: 629 Koshimoto,
Katashina-mura, Tone-gun,
Gunma, 378-0413

TEL: 0278-58-2329
FAX: 0278-58-2553

6 minutes by car from Numata IC
6 minutes by car from Numata Station

Visitors Coming from the Tokyo Direction


Nerima IC → (Kanetsu Expressway) → Numata IC → Kamada → Oze-Shinkousou
Urawa IC → (Tohoku Expressway) → Utsunomiya IC → Nikko → Oze-Shinkousou


Ueno Station → (Joetsu Shinkansen) → Jomo-Kogen Station → (Bus) → Numata →
(Direct bus) → Get off at Shiojiri on a bus heading to Tokura Ski Resort → Oze-Shinkousou